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Log: Bianchi and Shamal

Bianchi had sent off a slap dash note to Shamal on where to meet her so she could break his finger. She was already regretting the offer. She didn't know how long she could stand being in the same room with him. But if she was causing him pain she might be able to deal with it for a little while. Maybe. She sat in a booth at a local cafe and sipped espresso looking irritated. With herself and with him. She could just leave still. She looked at her watch and seriously considered it.

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The Doctor hummed happily to himself. Sure, he was about to get his finger broken, but it wasn't anything he couldn't handle. So long as he got to be in the presence of the lovely - Ah! There she was now! "Bianchi-chaaan ~ ~ !"

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Dammit, too late. She grit her teeth together at the tone that was often followed by uninvited overtures. "Shamal." She said slowly, looking up at the man and nodding at the bench across from her. "Sit." She took another sip of espresso.

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"Of course! But first ~ " With a flourish of his wrist, the Doctor seemed to pull a bouquet of ruby red roses from thin air, and bowed while handing them to the young lady. "For you, bella!"

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Bianchi sighed. "This is not a date, Shamal." She said evenly, staring up at him.

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The flowers drooped a bit. "So?" His face was primarily blank, but it quickly burst into a grin. "Doesn't mean I can't treat a lady how she deserves to be treated"

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Bianchi pursed her lips and took the flowers, setting them to the side of the table. She had nowhere else to put them anyway. She felt like she was encouraging him and she'd really rather not. "Does that include trying to kiss every one you pass regardless of her feelings on the matter?" she asked with a little annoyance in her tone.

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"Ahhh, my deartest Bianhi-chan, you forget that every it's not every woman, just the cute ones!" Shamal completely ignores the tone in her voice, very much used to it and takes a seat, eyes focused on the woman before him. It wasn't every day she let him get this close.

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She took another sip of her espresso. "You ignored the important part again." She murmured, setting the cup down on it's saucer and pushing it to the side next to the roses. She held out her hand to him getting right down to business. She had no intentions of making this meeting last any amount of time.

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Shamal blinked down at her hand. Dammit, how to make this last longer...? "But Bianchi-chan! I haven't seen you in so long!" The Doctor overdramatically held his hand - the one whose finger she wanted to break - over his heart.

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Bianchi frowned, hand still held out. "And for good reason. If you could keep your hands to yourself and talk like a human being ... well that's not likely so nevermind."

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"What would I have to do to convince you, bella?" His dark eyes glanced at her outstretched hand, hesitant to give it to her but... he did promise. He would wait till she answered his question, though.

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"Oh please, Shamal." Bianchi nearly rolled her eyes. It was a close thing. "It's not in your nature. I don't think you know how."

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"Ah! But you forget! I'm a quick learner ~ !" Which was true. He needed to learn how to adapt quickly. Part of the profession, you know.

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Bianchi stared at him for a moment. Completely deadpan. Finally she set her hand down on the table and frowned. "That would require you to have a desire to change. And I can't imagine you wanting to stop grabbing for every woman who catches your eye." 80% of the female population. The rest were ten or under. And she wasn't entirely sure he didn't go for that as well. "Many of us don't enjoy being manhandled." Which wasn't entirely true. Reborn could manhandle her if he wanted to.

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"I know plenty of women that would argue against that, senorita" Shamal deadpanned back, finally taking a seat and ordering himself an espresso. It had been a while since he was able to enjoy such a quaint setting such as this one, and he would while he could.

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She crosses her legs and sits back as he orders. "Japanese women may not tell you if they're uncomfortable, you know." She sighs and pulls her espresso back over. He's behaving so far, she'll let him stay for now. But she's still going to break his finger.

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The Doctor pauses, contemplating what the young woman said before leaning on the table, resting his stubbly chin in his palm. Ah. That would explain it. But nonetheless, there were other cases outside of Japan that would side in his favor. "Mm... that Duchess seemed to like it enough" Shamal smirks, feeling nostaligic. Ah, youth.

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She looked at him thoughtfully. "Well I suppose she must find unshaved, and overeager, attractive. I imagine that's lucky for you."

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"Heeey" Shamal pouts. "You wound me, Bianchi-chan" He looks honestly hurt for a moment, but then the waitress brings his espresso. The Doctor perks up instantly, offering her a smirk and a wink in thanks.

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Bianchi motions for a refill on her own espresso and raises a brow at the blushing waitress. Perhaps he could flirt properly if he felt like it. Bianchi's memories of him generally consisted of him arms outstretched, hands making grabby motions and lips puckered. And ALWAYS when she was busy dealing with something else or trying to talk to Reborn.

She did it without thinking, maybe because he was acting normal. "Don't tell me this is a fashion statement." Her fingers brushed his five o'clock shadow along his jaw before realizing who she was touching and drawing her hand back where it belonged. Ugh she ought to wash it. Most people it wouldn't matter if she did that but she didn't want to encourage him. Jesus why didn't she think before acting occasionally?

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Shamal froze. Well, he wasn't expecting that. Not that he minded of course! The Doctor waggled his eyebrows at the young Italian woman.

"You like it ~ ?" He sips his espresso, pinching the handle delicately with pinky extended as he brought it to his lips. The Doctor leaned back in his chair, making it stand on it's back legs as he rested his unoccupied arm behind his head. The picture of relaxation, that man was.

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Bianchi made a sound of disgust at him and sulked, putting her chin in her hand and settling her stir stick between her teeth. "No. You should shave. If a woman wants to kiss a scouring pad she'll just drop by the grocery store and pick one up."

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He smirked. Ooh nerve hit ~ He sipped his espresso again, slowly this time. "Ah, but a scouring pad isn't warm and can't kiss back"

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"You can always run it under hot water." She pointed out, then sighed and thought of Reborn's smooth jaw, always meticulously shaved, unless they'd been up for a very long time. She smiled to herself.

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"Ah, but then you'd get soap in your mouth" Shamal rebuffed, unfazed by her smile. Well, not completely unfazed. He admired it, but he also knew better than to ruin the moment. He stops leaning back in his chair, placing the espresso cup in it's saucer as he leans forward on his elbow, a placid smile on his face.