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Log: Bianchi and Miranda

Bianchi was sitting outside the small Inn on a bench by the front drive, typing on a laptop while she waited for Hayato's new woman to arrive so Bianchi could decide how she felt about the other woman. The sun was high in the sky and the weather was actually nice. She'd had the kitchen put together a light tea, with finger foods and petite sweets. The woman had said she'd be able to find her way to this island well enough. It was only a matter of time.

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Clean and non-accidentally ripped clothes? Check. Combed hair? Check. She had even put make-up on so as not to have the usual bags under her eyes, all to impress Gokudera's sister. And Mirnada really did hope to make a good impression. After all, familial approval was a big part of being in a relationship, back in her time anyhow.

The Exorcist spotted the dark pink-purple hair, and patted her hair down once more with gloved hands. "B-Bianchi?" she called, as she approached, with a smile of course, just to be sure.

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Bianchi's fingers paused when she heard her name and she clicked some buttons before shutting the computer and looking up. The girl she saw was clean cut, if a little timid looking. And she looked much older than even Bianchi (who was rather young for the age she acted).

Bianchi uncrossed her legs and stood holding her hands out in a welcoming gesture. "Miranda, thank you for taking time to come." She was actually a little surprised not to see Hayato trailing along behind with a stomach virus demanding she treat his woman well.

Bianchi leaned in and kissed Miranda's cheeks in a very Italian gesture before stepping back to look at her intently.

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Miranda blushed a little, not used to such a gesture. She smiled sheepishly nonetheless, thanking the girl for inviting her. Tucking a loose strand of hair behind her ear nervously, dark eyes flitted around the scenery, trying to come up with some bit of conversation. "This is a very nice set-up! It's nice and warm, too"

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"I've asked them to serve us on the patio." She settled a hand on Miranda's elbow guiding her in the right direction, her laptop against her other hip. "I thought the weather was good enough and it's always nice to eat outdoors." Bianchi agreed as they rounded the corner to see a homey little setup, three tiered trays of little finger sandwiches and scones and dishes of lemon curd and clotted cream to the side. Another tiered tray had petite desserts and the tea was already set out and hot for them.

"Please have a seat." Bianchi said, moving to the farther chair.

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The woman follows easily, letting the younger woman guide her. She's taking in all the surrondings, the enviroment reminding her a little of Germany in the springtime, and this eases her nervousness a tad. And all the food looked so good! A little voice in the back of her mind that sounded distinctly like Gokudera reminded her to be wary of poison cooking.

"Thank you" Miranda chrips, smoothing her skirt as she sat. "Everything looks wonderful! D-Did you make the food yourself?"

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Bianchi began pouring the tea through a strainer into her cup before offering to do the same for Miranda. She paused as the woman spoke though, her eyes narrowing just a little before she smiled again. "This was all made by the hotel, but if you'd like I can make you something to take back with you."

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She nodded her thanks for the tea, and as soon as it was done being poured, she added two sugar cubes to it, stirring lightly. "I-If it's not too much trouble..." Miranda pauses, taking a small sip of her tea to test the temprature. Ah, it still needed another minute or two. "I-I'm sure the other would like that!"

Of course the Exorcist wouldn't turn down Bianchi's offer; it would have been rude to do so, of course! Besides, she could always try to make sure it wasn't poisoned before giving it to her crew. Hey, in spite of the voice of the bomber ringing in her ears telling her it was a bad idea, not everything she made could have been poison, right?

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Point gained. Bianchi set her spoon down and watched the other woman thoughtfully. "You're older than I thought. Has Hayato matured?" She is almost wistful when she asks the question. Could Hayato have grown up more while she was gone? Enough that an experienced woman had an interest in him? Bianchi was never privy to much of his life, when he was with her he was invariably face down and mono syllabic if he wasn't pushing her away. She wished she could watch him grow up sometimes, like a normal sister might.

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Miranda cringed at the word 'old', but she covered it up well enough as she continued to stir the tea. "I... would think so? I mean, of course I don't know him as well as you do, so you would be the better judge than I..." She stopped stirring the tea and temperature-tested it again. A small triumphant smile, and the older woman took a less cautionary sip. "I mean... he seems calmer to me, to be completely honest" Miranda, of course, wouldn't mention how he was still a little hot-headed with people outside his immediate circle.

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A cringe was a cringe and Bianchi was trained to notice the little things. She didn't say anything although she had said 'older' rather than just 'old'. It wasn't meant to be an insult. Miranda was a full adult. The last time she'd seen Hayato he'd still been a child in her eyes. Her adorable little brother. She sighed and took a sip. "Hayato and I ... are not close." More like she followed him out of love, trying to make sure he was ok. And Hayato would have most likely been happier if he didn't see her again. She looked almost jealously at the other woman but took a sip of tea instead. Sweet Amore Rooibos, the taste was soothing and she let the steam waft up into her face just breathing in the scent. She set her cup back down and pushed her hair back over her shoulder.

"What exactly is your relationship?" She asked curiously. "Are you lovers?" She leaned forward, setting her elbow down so she could cup her chin and observe the other woman.

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"Mm... he's told me about his relationship with you and... personally I would have tried to fix it where I in his shoes. I'm an only child so, I would have been very grateful for an older sibling, or any sibling at that" Miranda reaches for some of the pastries, and offers some to Bianchi, carefully placing them on her plate. She jolts, however, at the younger woman's second question, and drops her own pastry into her plate. Her face is burning brightly, and she shakes her head profusely, not being able to answer out of sheer embarresment.

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"Someday, perhaps, he'll feel the same way. I'll wait patiently." Settling a sandwich and a pastry onto her plate, she smiled at the other woman's ... somewhat adorable embarassment. Perhaps she wasn't very experienced after all. Bianchi smiled almost tenderly at her. The table is small enough that she can reach across the table and touch that flaming cheek with the back of a finger. "I see. How sweet. There's no need for embarassment."

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Nooo, Miranda wasn't experience at all. Gokudera was her first boyfriend, and at twenty-six, yes, there was a need for embarrassment. Especially since in her era she should have been a mother with a pre-teen child by now. She blinks, her face heating up if not a tad more at the gentle touch. Miranda inwardly wondered how old Bianchi was. "W-W-W-We're j-j-just d-dating"

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The Italian's lips twitched in amusement, lowering her hand and taking a bite of one of the sandwiches. "I see." She repeated after swallowing. "And he treats you well?"

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She felt her throat dry, but didn't dare bring the cup to her lips. She could feel her hands shaking slightly, and the last thing she wanted was to show the Italian just how clumsy she was. "I-I think he does... I mean, we have our difference and our fights but we usually make up right afterwards!"

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Bianchi smiled openly at that. "Hmm that could be interesting in the long run." She was teasing now. And maybe this woman could be good for her brother. She'd like him to be happy. He didn't seem happy when he was with Yamamoto.

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Miranda relaxed a little at the smile, sighing inwardly with relief. Did that mean she had gotten on Bianchi's good side? The Exorcist returned the Italian's happy expression with one of her own, taking a gentle sip of her tea. "I don't things can ever be boring on the Grand Line" she chuckled, now reaching for one of the little pastries she had placed on her plate earlier.

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The woman blossomed when she smiled like that. "Lovely." She said in acknowledgment, and sipped her own tea. "Mmm, our lives in general aren't boring, regardless of where we spend them." She looked at the woman thoughtfully. "I imagine the same could be said of someone who's job is hunting demons?"

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"Eh... well... it's... not all that simple. See, it's more like they're the ones hunting us" Miranda lifts the sweet to her lips, chewing on it absentmindedly and suddenly feeling nostalgic. She had been away from home for eight months now. Eight months without fighting, with war, without blood. The Exorcist idly wondered if when she returned, time would be restored and she would pick up where she left off. Miranda swallowed. "An Exorcist's job is to fight the akuma, but not look for them. Most of the time, we're off trying to find the Innocence, and the akuma just happen to be in the area searching too"

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"Hmm, I prefer to be the hunter." She said thoughtfully, eating a scone. Of course she was raised as an assassin not a detective, it stood to reason that she would be more comfortable taking out enemies than searching for something. Not that she didn't do research as well. Bianchi was a woman of action, which sometimes made other uncomfortable. Touching a stranger's cheek, for instance. "Innocence?"

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"A-Ah. I'm sorry, I forget it's unique to me world" Miranda pokes at her pastry, sighing. "It's... this substance. I-I don't really know how to describe it. But... it's supposed to be a gift from God. Each Innocence is compatible with only one person, and that person becomes an Exorcist" She pauses, sipping her tea. After a moment, the cup is placed gingerly on the saucer, and she runs her gloved fingers lightly around the rim. "Innocence is the only thing that can hope to destroy an akuma"

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It sound interesting. But not useful to Bianchi so she just nods and spreads a little lemon curd on the last of her scone. If she sees an akuma she'll deal with it. "Have you had previous lovers? Boyfriends? Maybe another of these... exorcists?"

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Mirandas' blush flares up again, and she drops her second pastry. It bounces gently off the plate and land next to the tea cup. My goodness Bianchi is so straight-forward. The Exorcist shakes her head hesitantly, wanting to be honest but feeling slightly silly admitting such a thing.

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Bianchi looks at her curiously. She's very shy about these things it seems. And no wonder. "How old did you say you were?"

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The Exorcist shrinks a little bit in her chair. She covers half of her red-hot face with her gloved hand.