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NOTE: Profile

TLH Preferences
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Sexuality: Straight
F-list profile/Kink list

OK with Bianchi

* Consensual sex
* role playing (ie: maid/butler and master, Prince/ss and Pirate etc.)
* Topping or Bottoming, or topping from the bottom or bottoming from the top
* Rough sex or sensual lovemaking
* 17+ Bianchi generally likes her men older.
* Men (unless there's some serious aphro or she feels like screwing with someone or experimenting)
* CR only, Bianchi is a sensual creature but she's also fickle if they don't get along nothing may happen. And that's cool with both of us.
* Foreplay is fun!
* Breast play, nipple play, lactation
* Oral sex, vaginal sex, anal sex, mutual masturbation, solo masturbation, voyerism, exhibitionism, B&D, S&M
* Foodplay (chocolate syrup etc.)
* Semi-public or public (depending on setting and comfort with partner)
* Angry sex (set her off and she could be a firecracker) and makeup sex
* Multiple positions, the more creative the more she enjoys herself. Just make sure it's actually possible without breaking bones or contortionism.
* Toys

What I am ok with

* Dub-con, non-con (I can't guarantee she'll enjoy this but I'll be cool with it)
* Light bloodplay, a bit of roughing up
* Threesomes (preferably with two men, she's not really the sharing type when it comes to other women - she kills the competition though this isn't a hard no)
* Men who seem older but might be slightly younger than her.
* humiliation (she'll hate it because she's prideful, so it may be non-con after that)
* warning: non-con she WILL fight back, anyone who plays this should either find a way to bind her up or be ok with their character getting the hell beat out of them.

Things that I'd rather not deal with or she'd rather not deal with:

* Anyone under 15 (sorry, it's just... no.) Unless you're Reborn. Who technically isn't as young as he looks
* No one with the mentality of someone under 17 Bianchi just wouldn't be interested.
* *No major damage please, a little bit of blood is fine, but no cutting off limbs or permanent damage.
* No excrement. That stuff goes in the toilet where it belongs.
* No animals/insects etc. A tail and ears are fine, but they should appear mostly human.
* Do try to be descriptive, if it's too hard to tell what's going on I may ask you to revise.
* Don't godmode me. Give me a chance to react, I will aim things at you (instead of saying it happens) unless you've said it's ok I expect you to extend the same courtesy. And please read my posts through there's nothing like reading she's done something that has nothing to do with what she just did. If she pushes you, your rib shouldn't be broken. She's not that strong dudes.
* Players under 21, I'm ... much older than that and any younger gives me the heebie jeebies. Please respect this.

If I haven't listed it here, feel free to ask.


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