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Log: II Brooke teaches

Who: Bianchi and Brooke
What: Learning to call Sea Kings
Where: Thousand Sunny (practice room?)
When: Friday 4/24/09 ish?

Bianchi had been spending the week working on the song that Brooke had taught her so far. She'd wanted to learn it all in one go but that had proven a little ambitious. Her voice could only take so many hours a day of abuse and then she had to rest and recuperate. Slowly she was conditioning it to handle the odd sounds the song required. Luckily Bianchi never seemed to mind looking (or in this case sounding) bizarre. Or she'd have stopped that first day. She did not mind going to great lengths to get what she wanted. And she often did just that. So now she found herself walking into the room she'd been using for practice, looking around for her Skeleton tutor and already starting to warm up with familiar scales.

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Brooke was in a cheery mood having seen his little pupil mastering his song in such a short amount of time. He had been worried that he originally would have to spend at least a week alone going over the part of repelling sea kings, but she had all three parts down well enough that he could finally move on to the 4th part. Making a Sea King beserk is pretty much never a good thing but it was nontheless effective at tearing up everything. He knew it was reckless to teach her this particular part but he thought she was ready and he needed to practice a bit. Not only in singing the song but he thought an enraged sea king was the perfect way to test if he could use his strength to enhance is swordsmanship.

He caught the sound of Bianchi warming up and headed towards the room where they could practice in safety without the fear of a stray sea king being affected. He threw open the door only to find that he had actually thrown the door off of it's hinges. With a small sigh he carefully as he could muster walked over to pick up the door and put it back in place behind him. As he walked towards Bianchi he made an anouncement with a grin.

"Today class," He said his grin broadening at the idea of calling one student a class. "You shall begin the last part of your training. We have gone over the first three and most essential parts of the song of Sea Kings and now we have finally reached the most dangerous part. The song in and of itself is actually complete without this last part but it's more or less like an aditional verse... if not a highly deadly one. We shall also be heading towards the side of the ship so that we might also use what you have been taught in action. Now before we march out to our possible doom, would you like to perhaps ask anything or practice a bit more? I could always teach you the tune of beserking before we go, but I tend to remember it better if I have a hungry Sea King reminding me what I'm doing."

Brooke also considered something else he should likely bring up considering the expenses Ace had to cover. "I would also advise that you not bring anything too valuable onto deck as it may get soaked from a Sea King crashing back down into the sea."

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Bianchi sat up and watched as the door went flying off it's hinges, narrowly missing both herself and the piano. For a guy with no muscle this one could probably pack quite a punch. She leaned against the piano and settled her elbows back on it as she waited for him to replace the door then start speaking.

It seemed a little dangerous to her to begin learning as it was happening. But she felt fairly confident in her ability to do the first parts effectively. "If you think I'm ready, I'll trust your judgment, Brooke the Bard."

She looked at him warily at the next note. "I see." Her fingers found the last belt she had with her, and she slid it off, setting it down on a nearby chair. The jeans had taken three washes to stop feeling gritty so those came off as well. They were Dolce and Gabanna and she'd rather not wash the extras right off. She was reminded again that she should just bring her mass produced Guess next time. Even if the others fit better. She folded the jeans and set them on top of the belt. That was followed by the shirt before she turned back to the bard one hand on her hip, and raised a brow. "Anything else Professor?"

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Brooke had turned away as she started to remove her pants since it was the only decent thing to do. After all he was an old man it's not like he had any sex drive that would make him want to look. And yet something somewhere trapped in his mind he heard this little screaming voice going OH GOD WHY WON'T YOU?! As he heard her ask her question he turned around assuming she had finished changing only to find her in her undies with hand on hip. If Brooke had any eyebrows he would have raised one but since he did not he turned back around asking, "Would you like a spare pair of pants?" And to accentuate his point (and to calm his nerves) he took a sip from the cup of tea he was keeping in his pocket.

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Bianchi, completely comfortable in anything without any of those hangups of women who worry about body image or propriety, was still well versed in the actions of the people around her. And while she normally enjoyed making people squirm she'd rather have him in control when he started calling sea kings with her. "You're shy." she said after a moment, her voice amused. "Would you like me to borrow a pair?" Interesting this seemed at odds with his initial request of her in exchange for the training.

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He felt at odds with himself, it was as if he was meant to actually be drooling at the sight of her and yet that seemed like such a preposterous notion. And he considered her words and answered. "I'm not really shy so much as it's hardly polite as a gentlmen to gape at a young lady in the nude. I honestly don't mind I'm merely concerned if you find walking around half naked comfortable. It won't affect my performance as a muscician because I'm an old man and a skeleton. Whatever sex drive I might have had is long gone."

Now his mind was really screaming. Such things went through his head like DEAR GOD WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU?! SHE'S RIGHT THERE!! But Brooke merely chased such silly thoughts away with another sip of tea.

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She smiled a little at that, "I appreciate your concern for my well being." She moved toward the door and lifted it a little to open. "If it won't affect your performance, I'm not concerned with being seen like this. There's hardly a difference between underwear and swimwear. I'll be fine." The door swung inward precariously on the two hinge pins that still remained on the frame. "No sense getting good clothes soaked if it can be avoided."

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"There is of course one more thing I meant to ask you before we began." Brooke said before they stepped out the door. "On the topic of your well being, do you have any means of defending yourself should something go... wrong? I'm not sure if I can absolutely protect you and the ship... and myself all at once if the Sea Kings happen to decide that we are nice targets. It's true that the song of repelling and the song of charming have proven effective in combination to calm them down but it's always good to prepare for the worst."

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She stopped, still holding the door, to look at him for a moment. "I have... a technicque. Assuming they are not immunte to poisons. I have yet to find a human or animal who is." She meant her garden of poioson variety but she'd rather not explain it. They had a business relationship and woman should keep her most useful techniques to herself for effectiveness. "I am a hitman, I am accustom to defending myself." she finally finished. If we do find we need to use the song, which part do you think I would be most effective singing. Best to decide before a battle starts."

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Brooke thought about it for a bit. He wasn't quite sure if poisons would actually work on something quite so big as a Sea King but she seemed pretty sure of herself. "I have... a certain distaste for poison myself since that's how I was killed the first time around but I also know it's effectiveness. If we need to use the song together I believe it would be best if you did the charming part... you seem to have a gift for that anyways Y..." He forgot what he was saying again... but he was guessing it must have been laughing at a joke. Shaking away whatever it was he had been feeling he lifted his cane into the air pointing it towards the deck and said in sort of a battle cry fashion, "To the poop-deck!"

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Death by poison. She'd sent many to death in the same manner. It was odd to be talking to a victim. She decided any words from her on the subject would be superficial at best. "You flatter me." Her lips quirked. "I'll do my best." And then he was announcing their destination.

She followed him, stopping near the railing. "Should we warn your crew?" She asked, running a hand over the railing, looking around for anything that could be used as a weapon if it was necessary.

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"Don't worry," Brooke said happily, "I won't be dealing with too many more than I can handle and if things do get too out of hand I'm sure that the crew might notice the giant scaley shapes outside the window."

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It could be said that Bianchi was slightly crazy. The idea of calling creatures the size of a Tokyo high rise did not appear to even register mild worry in those limpid eyes. As a matter of fact her mind was on how nice it would be if she could have brought her large fillet knife just to take a little chunk out of one. They were big enough, they'd barely feel it, like a prick from a thorn. It was only the tiniest concern for the crew that harbored her currently that kept her from running below deck to grab it now.

"I'm ready to begin." She announced, straightening and scanning the horizon before looking back at Brooke. "Whenever you are, Brooke the Bard.

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And so the bard began with the song of summoning with a couple Sea Kings popping their heads up in curiosity. He then went on to singing the tune of charming while playing the song of repelling on his violin. This made the Sea Kings go away from the ship but the song of charming also made it so they would not go far enough so that they could not hear or be seen. He then stopped singing to the confusion of the Sea Kings who wondered what they were doing there to explain things to Bianchi.

"Now normally it would have taken a couple hours of switching off between the two song parts to get them where I want them but I decided to cheat a little bit and do them both at the same time. If you had a partner or an instrument you could likely do the same but otherwise if you want them a safe enough distance away it can be tedious. Now I shall begin to sing to them and they shall most likely attack the nearest things to them which would be... each other."

And then he began to sing it, the final piece of the song which could only have been described as insanity. It was much like the wail of a banshee or nails on a chalkboard in the way it screeched through the air to the cries of the monsterous kings of the sea. Even Brooke had forgotten how maddening this song could be and it's only a wonder it didn't make humans beserk. And yet despite it's painful notes and pitch it still had enough tune and rythm to be called a song. And then the Sea Kings eyes glazed over taking on a red hue and they began to bite huge chucks into each other while their screams of rage and agony matched the tune of the song.

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Moving to the edge of the deck, she watched the Sea Kings as Brooke worked. Listening to his song and examining the behavior. Normally she'd be singing as well so it was nice to be able to see the effects for herself. She turned as he began talking, moving back to stand next to him and listen. "I see." Her ears perked to his song but she turned her attention back to the sea kings. It was awful. It would make for excellent distractions during jobs. She grit her teeth against the sound and watched the monsters battle.

The noise was loud and overcame most other noise on the sea. It made the hair on the back of her neck stand on end. She didn't speak because he wouldn't hear her anyway and that aside he probably needed to concentrate.

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And then he suddenly stopped pulling out a cup of tea and just sitting there on the rail watching. "And now my dear it is your turn to continue the song I began. Otherwise they shall slowly regain their sense of smell in their beserk state and come to realize that humans taste much better and come towards us." He paused taking a long sip of his tea letting the information sink in and then said "You have about one minute to begin before they come this way. It's up to you whether you'd like to test your mettle against the largest beasts in the world in their most powerful state or whether you'd like to live." And with that Brooke simply took another sip of tea.

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She unclenched her hands in the absence of song and instead of being instructed on how to create those sounds she felt a little cut loose. Her eyes narrowed at him in irritation and then darted back to the sea kings who's movements had slowed down even wounded as they were. She braced herself and took a deep breath of air, filling her lungs before letting out something similar to a wail. An attempt at the banshee sound he'd made. Her body tensed and she tried to adjust the sound, had it been a little higher? Where was that pitch? She reached around for it again. Then adjusted the tone, it needed to be more nasal, grate on the nerves. It may have helped her that they'd been practicing so much because her throat was more under her own control now. She tightened the sound and glanced at the tea drinking skeleton for direction.

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He had been testing her in more ways than one. He was testing to see whether her voice had gotten adjustable enough that she could match an oncoming pitch, he was testing whether she was capable of remembering a tune that was thrown at her so rapidly, and he was testing her level of cool under a stressful situation. She lived up to and even surpassed most of his standards he had set out for her. Not only had she been able to sing the banshee wail but she also slightly improved it as he watched the Sea Kings practically tackling each other. And so the skeleton put down the cup of tea lifting his cane to conduct as he joined her in the tune of beserking. The Sea Kings slowly dwindled down one by one, the sea turning a truly garish color where they had died attracting the attention of many smaller fish. Until finally there was only one very tired Sea King remaining.

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She was definitely not expecting to get things right on the first try. He'd built up the difficulty in their discussions. And yet her eyes followed the bard's empty socket stare in the direction of the Sea Kings as they tore into one another. As the victor emerged, damaged and exhausted, she let the song decrescendo as well, trying to match Brooke as he sang. When the sea calmed down she looked back at the skeleton waiting for a critique.

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Brooke took another pause sipping his tea feeling that something just wasn't quite right. It had been easy watching the Sea Kings slaughter one another and yet there were so many things that could have gone wrong that he had expected to go wrong and yet here they were watching one lone Sea King slowly making it's way towards them despite all it's wounds. And then it let out a scream and was dragged under the sea, which was something Brooke had not entirely expected to happen. "uh oh." Brooke said starting to realize what was about to happen. There was a reason that he had absolutely precise measurments on the exact pitch of the song. To little and the Sea Kings will simply come to kill you but if you have too much this happens. Sea Kings being such large creatures were scavengers of such a large scale that they would eat each other if there were corpses of their own kind and with this kind of a slaughter of Sea Kings it was going to attract almost the entire oceans worth to them.

And so it was that the heads of hundreds of the dreaded Sea Monsters their eyes also filled with rage from the song popped their heads out of the water taking a few moments to figure out what they would kill first. With the ship completely surrounded Brooke took what he thought might be his last sip of tea.

"Well then my dear, ready to sing as if your life depends upon it? Because it does. I suppose you see now what happens when you sing it a little too well?" Brooke asked with a slight smile. "I'll also play my violin in the hopes that with three sources we might have better luck dispersing the swarm.

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Her eyes shifted from one new head to the next, her fingers twitching at her side as she realized the situation they were in. "I have no choice in the matter, so I'll do my best." She responded, looking up now at the nearest monster towering over the boat. She braced herself as the boat rocked with the new waves created by the monsters around them. She'd been assigned the charming part and she opened her mouth and sang.

She was starting to wish she'd taken more lessons as a child. She settled a hand on Brooke's shoulder just to keep a feel for what he was doing and where he was in case things got more out of hand than they already were. This part of the song rang bell like out over the air, and she kept one eye on Brooke as he was the director in this odd battle and the other eye she kept on the most pressing dangers. Her hand poised ready to bring out poison cooking if need be.

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The Sea Kings were not impressed with the display of music from the two singers and only one or two of the smaller ones actually going away. Rage still burned in their eyes and Brooke realized he had to do something more drastic. He removed the sheathe from his sword which was also his cane. He then used his sword on his violin to play a melody that seemed more like a lullaby than anything they had practiced together. "NEMURIUTA FLAN!!!" He cried out putting behind it all the super strength he could muster behind this particular thrust of his sword to finish the Stanza. This particular move of his was normally for putting his foes to sleep but he wasn't sure whether or not it would work on creatures as large as Sea Kings. To his amazement it not only put the majority to sleep it also put several large gashes in many of them from the sound waves. He was a little speachless but there were at least a dozen of them still awake but with a little more sleep in their eyes instead of rage.

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Bianchi had been ready to jump forward and start poisoning the water when he changed songs. Paused at the railing, the waves of sound echoing out across the water. She could feel the drowsiness it was taking down one after another of their assailants. The rocking of the boat calmed although the entire deck was wet now. How his instrument could stand the watery barrage was a mystery to her.

She turned back to look at him for a moment before looking out at the remaining dozen. "Should I sing?" She asked quietly.

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Brooke snapped out of his slight daze with a start remembering that there were still more Sea Kings to deal with, and he just barely caught the question. "I believe that would be wise, I think they will be much more susceptible now that they are more tired and less beserk. Just... remember for next time you attempt this that you must be careful on how intensely you sing the tune of beserking. It was your first time so you will get better but I did this to try and show you some of the consequences that may happen. Now then shall we begin?"

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She yanked her hair back over her shoulders, letting the water drip down her back and started singing again. She rested her hands on the railing, looking out at the water and turning toward any monster that might be starting to look twitchy. He'd said she was best at the charming part but her voice was mediocre at best. She'd always been mediocre at music. It seemed to work though and she waited to hear him chime in behind her. Or if directed, to switch to the section that would send the sea kings away.

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Brooke was tired from exerting so much of the strength he didn't actually have a body for so he said, "You will have to sing the song of repelling to them now. I... *yawn* I..." He was trying his best but despite his best efforts he not only was tired from exerting so much strength but from his own tecnique he used that put creatures to sleep. He thought he should try to do something but he was positive that the song of repelling would get rid of the rest of the Sea Kings so he gave up. And much like the first time they practiced together Brooke colapesed backwards falling asleep once more.

((shall we call it log end?))

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Aaaand there went her mentor. She turned away from him and switched to the repelling song, climbing up on the railing and sitting down, facing the water. She looped an ankle around one of the posts and held on with her hands, leaning out a little to sing. If this part could be called that. It took longer for her to repel sea kings than the more experienced Brooke but sure enough in ones and twos the creatures began bobbing away. As the last one gave a snuffle that sent a wave her direction she held on to the rail tightly and paused only to keep water from entering her mouth. Then started right back up watching it also turn to leave.

She kept singing for a few more minutes just to be safe, eyes scanning the horizon, turning to look over her shoulder in the other direction. Finally convinced they were all right, she swung her legs back around and alighted on the deck, padding over to the skeleton and wiping some water from his face. He appeared to be snoring soundly so she turned back toward the entrance to the ship intent on a shower and some warm clothes. Her tutor was on his own for now.

The End it shall be.

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"...zzzZZZ" and with a final snort rolling over onto his face Brooke began to dream of music and smiling whales.