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Relationship chart (TBupdated)

❣ Bianchi is in love (familial/romantic) ❥ You're attractive (may not like you) ✌ likes you/considers you a friend
⚔ You're fun to harass ✯ You're interesting ◉ She's met you and remembers you
⊗ She's met but doesn't remember △ hasn't met/neutral⚠ She's not sure she likes you
♨ Doesn't like you ⚡ Hates you/Might want to kill you ☠ Bianchi reaped you
☼ you're annoying ❖ Roommate $ possible money source

Aramat Drawdes✯◉❥✌Excellent taste in plants and clothes.  Referred me to a decent tailor.  Willing to go out exploring flora with me.
Belphegor◉⚠Belphegor is Varia's knife and wires expert.  Don't get into a crown argument with him, it's a waste of time. Somehow puts up with the other two.
Bill Cipher◉△Misses his best friend, might not have fought hard enough for him.  Good head for revenge.
Chase Collins◉✯Danced with him once, seemed fun enough.
Choromatsu Matsuno◉△☠One of the clones. The one I reaped. Suicide was super effective.  Cooperative and knows how to follow instructions.
John Constantine◉✯Consistently acting grumpy.  Actually pretty interesting.  Clearly has access to magical objects if not magic itself. Good at deflecting.
CrowleyOwns the House of Pain. Has a thing for a guy and doesn't have a clue how to express it properly.
Gabe (Gabriel)◉✌✯❥Hilarious, and great company. Watch out for pranks.
(Sakata) Gintoki◉✯⚔Not shy about asking to see me naked, eager to eat.
Greg Lestrade◉❥✌Met him by crashing a lawnmower into his Garage, and he lets me come over all the time now. Nice to a fault, has an excellent home and excellent coffee and I enjoy chatting with him.
Harley Quinn◉✯Interesting conversation about aging in Hell and pregnancy. Sweetly cheerful.
Horatio Hornblower⚔◉❥This guy has a real attitude.
Choromatsu (Ichimatsu) MatsunoOne of the Matsunos.
John Watson◉❥✌✯Friends with Greg, seems nice enough. Let me cook for him.
Choromatsu (Karamatsu) Matsuno◉⚔⚠Caught him outside a porn shop. Knows a lot about fashion.
Kenzi△✯Pickpocket, kind of adorable. Not immune to compliments.
(Zolf J) Kimbley◉✯⚠Doesn't seem particularly bright, but he was willing to help. Owns a pub.
Leia Organa◉✌✯Kind of bossy but I like her and it works for her. She actually became my bodyguard for a while. Also she has ice. Need to see about using her shower.
Name 3Symbols 3Blurb 3
Lloyd Henreid△$✯Might have some freelance bodyguard work for me. Pissed off Squalo somehow.
Lucifer Morningstar◉♨☼❥Smug and condescending. Total dick. Kind of hot.
Michael◉⚠Super protective of Angels. Comes out swinging and then just sort of turns out to be reasonable? Not sure what to make of him.
Morticia Addams◉✯Met at the petstore. Interesting tastes in pets. Seems to be an Angel.
Natasha Romanoff◉✯❥Pleasant woman, older than she looks. Speaks several languages fluently. Moves like someone in my line of work.
Choromatsu (Osomatsu) Matsuno◉♨☼Refused to wear name tags. Assumed I was in love with him. Didn't take rejection well.
Pyrrha Nikos△✯Seems like a sweet girl. Only spoke to her shortly on the network.
Sherlock Holmes◉✯Friend of Greg's. Into experimentation. Spoke to him at a party.
(Takasugi Shinsuke)◉⚔♨Grumpy and nonsensical.
Simon Tam◉✯❥Adorable drunk. Apparently a doctor. Climbed a statue.
Steve Rogers◉♨☼Stuffy. No sense of humor.
Superbia Squalo◉⚔❥☼⚠$Varia. Loud and obnoxious but good at his job. Definitely has a crush on Xanxus. Fun to tease. Excellent dancer, great hair. Probably has ridiculously high blood pressure.
Thor Odinson◉✯❥Very formal speaker. Just ended a relationship. Might have stalker issues which he denies. Open to a bit of no strings attached fun.
Winry Rockbell◉✌✯Builds metal things. Carries an enormous wrench. Very chatty can't remember much of what she was saying.
Xanxus◉✯❥⚠$Varia boss. Temper like a volcano. Abusive to his subordinates. Probably out of his damn mind. Ridiculously good dancer. Enjoys spectating when I cook. Walked me home for unknown reasons. Keeping my eyes peeled.
chart by photosynthesis

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