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Bianchi and Aria: one-on-one side log

Who: Bianchi and Aria
What: Tea and coffee and getting away from the boys.
Where: Mont Blanc Café

Bianchi had texted the address to Aria yesterday, giving her time to text back if it was inconvenient or she couldn't figure out where it was so today she found herself settling down on one of Mont Blanc's outdoor patio chairs, the umbrella above shading it perfectly. She put in an order for a full tea for the two of them and sent the waiter scurrying off to fulfill her request as she leaned back against the chair and watched city life pass by the table far enough away to not be bothersome. She had picked a place that wasn't good for an assassin to attack, the side patio had walls on three sides so only one side was exposed. She was meeting with a boss after all, it would be rude to put Aria in needless danger. But it had a feel of freedom to it still.

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It had taken Aria a little more than an hour to open the text and discreetly find the meeting place without Gamma or the other members of her family knowing she was up to something. It's not that she didn't want them to know where she would it be, it was just that she needed time away from constantly being watched over. Besides, it wasn't every day that the mafia donna had the chance to meet with someone where business wasn't involved.

Aria had left the usual business attire back at the mansion and arrived to Mont Blanc's in a white Summer dress and sun hat. Bianchi was simple enough to see and it didn't take her long to walk to the short distance to get to their table. "I'm sorry I'm late. It's not easy to get away unnoticed." Though she was proud of the way she left today, if it worked long enough she would have to use it again.

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Looking up at the sound of the other's voice, Bianchi stood and held her hands out for Aria's so she could lean in close enough to kiss either of her cheeks warmly, interjecting, "Aria, I'm glad you could pull yourself away." She smiled at her and stepped back to allow the woman to sit. "You look almost girlish. It suits you." Her voice was warm and as they sat the first trays of tiny sandwiches and scones were starting to appear on their table in sections as the waiter brought them. "I hope you don't mind, I decided to order high tea for us." Mont Blanc had the best in town so it wasn't too worrisome that Aria would enjoy it. "However did you manage to get out without a body guard?" She asked curiously, looking over Aria's shoulder toward the street expecting at least Gamma to be there.

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The European greeting wasn't new to her, but it's not like she used it often. As she sat down, Aria thanked Bianchi for the compliment- another thing she wasn't exactly used to. She eyed the goodies, before looking back up to her new lady friend. "I don't mind at all." Her blue eyes sparkle as she gives the details of her masterful escape to the woman seated across from her. "In all honesty I was surprised that it managed to work. I had to send everyone on a small mission to a nearby town; that would give me at least an hour before they returned and if possible one more before they found me." It killed two birds with one stone, but there was always the small chance Gamma would see through the rush order and return to the mansion earlier. Aria pushed that out of her mind and decided to deal with that later.

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Bianchi laughed, enjoying the tale. "Oh they won't be happy with you about that." She pointed out and sat back as their tea was set out before them along with two teapots and a hot water pot with some other tea options in bags. The teapots had fresh leaves though and you could tell the difference so Bianchi started pouring herself some as they talked. "If they arrive too quickly I'm sure we can convince them to stay a discreet distance away. Or perhaps we can run." Her smile widened. "Thelma and Louise style."

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Tipping her head down, she laughed at the thought of running from the others. Of course there was the chance that they would not get very far, but the very idea to take off at the sight of them seemed inviting; It's not like they would expect her of all people to do such a thing anyway. "It is tempting to see the look of surprise on their faces," her head lifts to reveal a mischievous grin. If the opportunity presented itself, Aria just might run- she could blame it on the girl's day high later.

"I trust you've been well since we last met." She has yet to serve her tea, but she's more interested in the delicious treats.

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She would mention that having Bianchi nearby was very much like having a bodyguard but then again, it was also not exactly the safest person to leave someone with, freelance assassin and all. So Bianchi just smiled, enjoying Aria's amusement. And oh she liked that grin on the other woman. She was such a bad influence.

"Yes, as well as can be of course, considering the job. Sometimes it's difficult to have to sit back and watch Hayato deal with things. But they are the next generation of their family, they must learn sometime. And you Aria? How have you been?"

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Bad influence indeed; but considering her workload, it was a nice change- even if it lasted just this once. She nods in understanding of the other's concern for her family, Aria was all too familiar with that feeling. "Sometimes it's harder to sit back and watch, but we must if they are to grow." At this, Aria set the chosen dessert aside and began to pour her own tea.

"As well as can be imagined. There's a storm coming, but for now I can at least enjoy the sunshine." She doesn't allow her discomfort for that vision to show as she smiles and sets the teapot down. Saucer and cup are picked up as she leans back, testing the contents within before she speaks again. "I do have a secret reason for accepting your invitation, Bianchi." She pauses, wondering how best to continue on with what she wishes to say.

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"Sometimes I feel like all I do is sit and watch." She admitted but quieted because even if she hadn't been in he future she knew what happened with Uni. Her problems were not as bad as others. Bianchi sipped her tea. The worries of a storm were noted but there was always a storm coming in these families. Bianchi was a deal with it when they come kind of girl.

Bianchi perked up "Yes, you mentioned something." She agreed, picking up a little sandwich and taking a bite.

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Normally, Aria did not hesitate to get to her point, but at the moment she felt incredibly young. Her words were even jumbling inside her mind and the longer she stalled the easier her cheeks gave way to a light blush. Aria took another sip from her cup before setting them back atop the table. With a quick clearing of her throat she looks up at the younger woman, "I'm told you're not only very skilled with poisons, but also with matters pretaining to the heart. Love, if you will."

The longer she went on the hotter she felt. She felt like squirming and changing the subject altogether, but when was she ever going to get the opportunity (or the courage) to ask again. "How are you able to tell the difference between love and duty?" It would be easier to just read his heart but that would be cheating...

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Bianchi could be patient when she wanted to be, she nibbled on her sandwich and watched Aria struggle with her words. It was kind of adorable. And then she came out and complimented her knowledge of love and Bianchi could have kissed her. As it was, she smiled warmly at the woman, waiting while she managed to get the words out.

It was a difficult question. "Superficially, of course, duty is done because one must. It is unquestionable regardless of everything else. Love on the other hand, can go hand in hand with duty, and can exist entirely of it's own accord." She leaned forward, putting her chin on her hand and studying Aria thoughtfully. "Love is something you can see in someone's eyes beyond just the actions."

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Aria remained quiet, allowing the words to sink in. It was Bianchi's last words that struck something deep within Aria and it was quickly followed with flashbacks of him. Her lips moved without sound, repeating the word 'eyes' as she continued to be lost in thought and memories. It was possible that he had feelings for her that didn't necessarily run around his sense of duty. That he could possibly care for her as a woman and not just his boss. Before she allowed herself to delve further into this helpful advice, Aria popped out of her inner bubble and smiled warmly at the other woman.

"Forgive me," she giggles softly while brushing a loose strand behind an ear. "I almost let myself be carried away." Aria leans forward to pluck a sandwich off a tray and takes a small bite. "I suppose the saying 'the eyes are the windows to the soul' is true. "

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Aria was quiet for quite some time allowing Bianchi to observe her with a half smile. Watching her face it was slowly becoming clear, Aria had a crush. That was nice. Bianchi ate a petite four and smiled back as Aria smiled at her. "Definitely true." Bianchi agreed. "Aria, dolcezza are you in love? You're positively glowing." Bianchi sighed happily. It was nice to live vicariously through others sometimes.

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Wonderful of Bianchi to make Aria's face more heated than a red lobster. Her hands instantly move up to help cool her cheeks down, but that smile can't seem to go away. "A-am I?" She knew of love of course, there was the love she had for her mother and daughter and for the family she was responsible of. But wasn't this sort of love different? It seemed like it was. Aria reigned in some of that heat and composed her voice enough to speak. "I think so. I just never imagined that what I was feeling for him was love." That bliss stops short, brows coming together in thought as a frown begins to form, "but is it alright to love him?"

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Poor Aria, Bianchi thinks it's adorable. "I think you should probably know the answer to that. Does your heart beat faster when you see him? Do you feel adrift without him? Does the thought of kissing him make you tingle all over?"

She tilted her head as Aria's smile disappeared, frowning herself. "May I ask who it is?"

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Aria was only just thinking of a way to answer all of those questions when she's stopped short at the last bit. "You may ask," she paused for a moment before speaking again, "it's Gamma." Her own head may have tilted. "Do you know him?"

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Oh lovely! Her knight! It's very Guinevere and Lancelot! Bianchi's heart flutters with joy. "I've met him ... sort of." Well it was future her. But those memories exist. "Tall, blond and handsome?" She smiled a little.

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Aria nods in understanding and she soon grins at the description she's heard many times of her right-hand man. "Yes, that would be the one."

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Bianchi tilted her head a little inquisitively. Aria wasn't engaged to anyone else. No other boss's children or brothers to worry about. "Gamma is a loyal member of your family and your right hand, who would complain if such a man were to court you?" She wondered aloud. "It would increase his protective drive and solidify his loyalty and assuming you would not give up leadership to anyone but your heir no one would need to worry about him taking over and changing things against your will. Yes?" She leaned in and smiled conspiratorially. "And he's so handsome." Bianchi wished she had some choice in the matter for herself. Daddy would make all the decisions and expect her to follow whatever he decided.

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"It sounds so easy when you put it like that," she says softly, almost defeated. Perhaps it was that simple and all she had to do was express these feelings to Gamma and find out where he stands. But, it wasn't the rejection that made her hesitate or that they could actually be together, it was everyone else. The mafia community wasn't always so accepting to the future spouse of a boss. Even moreso if they did not come from a respectable family of their own. She could handle anything they said about her, but if it was to anyone else because of her...Well that she didn't think was very fair to allow. Aria definitely had a lot to consider later.

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"Love is never easy." Bianchi admitted, frowning as Aria deflated a little. "But that is why it's important to fight for it." She tilted her head down and took a sip of tea before setting her cup down on the saucer and reaching out to touch Aria's hand with the tips of her fingers. "What is it?"

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Once the fingers touch her skin, Aria can hear the memory of her mother's words and she smiles brightly. "You're better than the rumors say, Bianchi." The other hand lifts to pat one of Bianchi's hand lightly. "You have definitely given me a lot to consider."

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Well, that certainly inflates her ego. She smiled sagely and nods, sitting back again and lifting her cup. "I am glad you came to me for advice. The boys aren't very fond of it." She laughed quietly. "I'll support you." And then her smile turned a little eager. "Your knight. It's very romantic."

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It's always nice to have an ego fluff once in awhile and Aria means every word of it. "I think you're getting a little ahead of things," there's a nervous edge to her voice. "I mean, I still need to speak to Gamma about all of this." She's suddenly very nervous and tugs at a strand of her hair. It's not like they're going to run off into some cliche sunset and get married right after she steps through the door. At least, she sincerely hopes he doesn't try to do that.

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"Gamma would be a fool not to be interested." Bianchi waves her hand a little, as though shooing the very thought away. "Have confidence, Aria. If you love him there must be something to it."

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Aria bites down on the inside of her lip and tilts her head in a very childish manner. "How would you confess your love to someone?" It would help her figure out where to start. There had to be a better way than just blurting it out the second she saw him.

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That earns a surprised look from her. Well the first man she'd confessed to had taken advantage. And she was very young when she'd confessed to Reborn so it had been a simple matter of announcing it. She looked thoughtfully at Aria. She dealt with more seduction now. Flattery and body language. "To be honest, when it is important I have always found straightforwardness to be my preference. Or making their favorite meal." Which could be more of a curse really. Depending on if she was testing the man.

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She takes a moment to consider both options. Being straightforward was something she always did with Gamma, so that would be the easiest route. It would help to get things done and over with quickly, but at the moment Aria wanted to prolong telling him. "Dinner. I like that idea. What meal would be appropriate in cases like this?"

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"I'm afraid you know him better than I do. Do you know what kind of food he likes?" She asked, watching Aria as she considered. "Finish with chocolate though." She smiled. "Perhaps a torte or if he likes strawberries, a dipping sauce."

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"Honestly I never paid attention to what he likes to eat." She does know what he prefers to drink though, but it was because she likes it too. "Chocolate does sound like a good idea." Aria is again in high spirits, she leans forward and takes her cold cup of tea and quickly pours in a bit more to balance the temperature. With a small bite to a sandwich, she takes a long lady-like sip before setting cup and sandwich back down.

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"Perhaps he has friends who know." She supplied, sipping her own tea, and looking pleased that Aria was cheerful again. She hoped she got play by plays on the results later. There was nothing wrong with living vicariously through one's friends and acquaintances.

Gosh, forgive the lateness of this.

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"Nosaru and Tazaru would know, but I have a feeling they would look at Gamma with those knowing smiles of theirs and give the night away." She blushed and while it may have been obvious to everyone and their neighbor that their were secret feelings floating around the two, it wasn't set until she told him herself.