deadlydelicacy: (demure really)
Bianchi ([personal profile] deadlydelicacy) wrote2011-07-02 09:21 am
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Bianchi and Aria: one-on-one side log

Who: Bianchi and Aria
What: Tea and coffee and getting away from the boys.
Where: Mont Blanc Café

Bianchi had texted the address to Aria yesterday, giving her time to text back if it was inconvenient or she couldn't figure out where it was so today she found herself settling down on one of Mont Blanc's outdoor patio chairs, the umbrella above shading it perfectly. She put in an order for a full tea for the two of them and sent the waiter scurrying off to fulfill her request as she leaned back against the chair and watched city life pass by the table far enough away to not be bothersome. She had picked a place that wasn't good for an assassin to attack, the side patio had walls on three sides so only one side was exposed. She was meeting with a boss after all, it would be rude to put Aria in needless danger. But it had a feel of freedom to it still.

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