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Bianchi sat on one of the pilings at the private pier out of Melano, the sea breeze cool enough to make the day bearable as it whipped her hair out to the side. Apparently this Sanji character was a sailor. He wouldn't be able to bring a fully rigged ship into this port, that would have had to be in Varuna but a skiff would be fine. She hadn't actually expected a sailor to be punctual so she had a book on her lap and she would pick it up occasionally to read when she wasn't enjoying the play of the birds over the water or the people setting out and coming in past the jetty. She was looking forward to this afternoon. Rarely did someone come from so far just to taste her cooking. Not when they knew who she was anyway. And he'd been so enthusiastic, far be it for her to dissuade him.

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Being late, pirate or no, was not something that Bianchi would have to worry about in the least. Sanji wasn't the type of man to allow anything to get in his way when it came to a lady. He certainly would never be late - this would have caused her inconvenience. Hopefully she wouldn't be too terribly surprised when he not only arrived on time but also with a lovely bouquet of flowers for her.

"Bianchi-chwaaan~~ ♥ I hope I haven't kept you waiting long~"

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That nearly had an automatic reaction of the sort she gave Shamal, mostly because a greeting like that would generally be accompanied by improper touching and possibly kissing if he broke through her barriers. She actually twitched and nearly dropped her book in the water, but caught it as it slid to the edge of her thighs. "Merda I thought you were someone else." She murmured and looked at the blonde man curiously. Flowers. Well he was better mannered than Shamal at the very least. "Sanji." She replied in acknowledgement. "Welcome to Solena."

Stepping off the pier piling, she stepped forward, taking the flowers and kissing his cheek, which was pretty normal for Italians probably not something he was used to. She was already moving away from the pier expecting him to follow. "You're very punctual, however did you manage, I can't imagine the sea was helpful."

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Sanji may have been a pervert but he wasn't quite as disrespectful about it as Shamal was. Despite being a pervert, he truly did respect women to the fullest. Of course that little kiss on the cheek served only to have him melt a little more for her. Not that it really took much at all for any woman to turn Sanji to putty. He immediately followed her enthusiastically, seeming quite happy for her presence.

"I've been around the sea all my life - I'm pretty used to it's tricks. Besides, regardless of what sea or storm may try to block my path I can not leave a lady waiting. That would be unforgivable."

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"I grew up on an island." She admitted. "It's only recently I moved here. But I travel quite a bit regardless. Not often by boat though." She let him catch up to her as they walked toward the transit station. "Your dedication is admirable. It means we can still have a nice dinner if we combine our talents, I should think."

<-- The face of a man totally oblivious to your skills, Bianchi.

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"I've spent almost all of my life on ships." He smiles a little with this thought though it turns into a grin at Bianchi's next words. "I'm sure it will be only the best - especially since we're doing it together."

He also enjoys spending time with other cooks and seeing different ways of doing things. It really helps broaden the mind to different culinary possibilities. If the other cook is a lady it just makes the experience all the more rewarding in his opinion.

That's why she's enjoying the conversation so very much ♥

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"Well, that must mean you have access to all kinds of interesting ingredients." She replied as they walked. She smiled to herself at his proclamation of their eventual success. She liked this man. He was wonderfully receptive.

Bianchi rather likes showing off as well. Even more so if someone can tell what's going on with her cooking and knows she's going to make them eat it. Sometimes the knowledge and subsequent worry was more torture than the actual food. "I hope I haven't raised your expectations too high." She murmured demurely.

Hereallyhasnoidea. xD

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Oh, he'll certainly be able to tell what is going on once they start to cook. What's more is that she won't have to 'make' him eat it. He'll do it anyways. To deny it would be to blasphemy to two ideals he held in the highest esteem. One, to not eat whatever she makes would be to disrespect a lady. Two, regardless of it's taste food is never to be wasted in his presence.

"I do enjoy picking up new ingredients everywhere I go. Experimenting with new ingredients is one of my favourite things about being a seafaring cook."

As for that other comment, he just grins a little more. "I'm sure your cooking will more than meet my expectations and so much more~♥"

...And it will definitely exceed his expectations.

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She stopped in front of the lightrail station and put the flowers in the crook of her arm, leaning casually against one of the support beams. "I think one of my most interested ingredients recently were amanita phalloides." Death Cap mushrooms. "They really added a wonderfully exotic flavor to Chicken Marsala."

She smiled sedately at him. "I'll certainly do my best."

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Sanji frowned a little at that ingredient name there. He was sure that would add something to Chicken Marsala. More than just flavour anyways.

"...Just a thought but we're not going to be using death caps in our dinner tonight are we?"

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She smiles as he recognizes the common name for them. "I haven't any on hand but I'm sure if you wanted to we could find some."

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"Just being around you is heavenly enough - I'd rather not see the real thing for myself quite yet."

He'll be offering a slight chuckle but he's slightly concerned in all honesty. Most people wouldn't use death caps in their marsala. Or much of anything that they intended on eating for that matter.

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Bianchi chuckled quietly. "That was a very special meal." For a very special man. Romeo had never known what hit him.

"I haven't had time to get too many exotic ingredients, I hope you don't mind terribly. We'll have to make due with what I could get my hands on." She might notice the concern but she seems more amused by it than anything. She hadn't expected him to know right away that the ingredient was toxic. But this would make things more interesting. She stepped up into the train as it stopped, settling into a seat and leaving room for him next to her. A little room anyway. Best to keep him somewhat distracted, or she'd lose him before she even got him to the kitchen.

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"...I'd imagine it was a meal to die for."

When you're responsible for the nutritional well being of your crew you need to know which mushrooms you can put into a meal and which you can't. He wouldn't be a very good chef if he didn't know these things. Part of him was wondering what other kind of 'exotic' ingredients she would generally use.

He settled in beside her, thinking a few moments.

"...Hopefully most of your ingredients aren't quite as... 'exotic' as death caps."

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"Oh yes." She agreed with a self satisfied smile. "Perhaps wasted a little on Romeo, the man never did have a tongue for real food." She replied easily.

She shifted, pressing her thigh up against his when he spoke again, turning her head to look at him with a mellow smile. "No? I do have some lovely new White Alba truffles in. I had thought a man of your interests would be more excited about such things." She replied, adding just a touch of disappointment.

This mun is having to Google and wiki all this shit and may be inaccurate. Pretend it's not. xD

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He melts a little more at that action part of him tempted to see what would happen if he put an arm around you. Never mind that they were just talking about her killing her ex. Besides, if the guy possibly disrespected a lady he probably deserved it. Don't mind the hearts there, Biachi. They just happen with him.

"...Alba Truffles?" His attention was back to the conversation at the mention of such a fine ingredient - not to mention pricey. "Those are a different sort of 'exotic' compared to death caps. After all~ Truffles are known as the diamond of the kitchen. Best paired with such wines as Babaresco or Nebbiolo..."

He seemed rather enthusiastic speaking about this now. You might want to head him off before he goes on a ramble.

I don't mind fudging things. My googlefu is strong

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He was so easy to steer. A little calculated touch and he was putty in her hands. "Yes, I have a friend in Alba who lets me know each year when the harvest is coming in." She tilted her head and looked thoughtful, then pulled her cell phone out and dialed a number.

After a short conversation with a local restauranteur she managed to order a Vietti 2001 Barolo for delivery. She snapped the phone shut and smiled. "I have been out quite a bit lately. I'd forgotten to pick up something appropriate." She said by way of explanation. Dropping her phone back into her purse, she sat back and looked at him curiously. "So, your crew was not upset about the personal trip?"

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He really was - though most of the time he knew when he was being steered whether he acted like it or not. The fact of the matter was he really didn't mind if it was a lady doing the steering. That's just the way he was. To the question he shook his head.

"No, they weren't. They'll be able to keep themselves occupied around town, I'm sure."

So if weird shit goes down today you can blame the Mugiwara pirates.

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Bianchi wouldn't have minded him realizing it. Especially not if he just allowed it to happen anyway. "I hope they watch themselves. There are some... interesting characters about." She murmured offhandedly, crossing her legs and looking up at the window. They still had a little while before they reached her stop in Halcyon.

"Perhaps you can bring some of the leftovers back for your friends."

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Sanji laughed a little at that first statement, waving a hand dismissively.

"...Our whole crew is made up of some 'interesting characters' so I'm sure they'll all be fine. I almost wonder if we should have sent a warning to everyone else instead knowing those guys..."

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She smiled to herself . "Mmm, sounds exciting. I do hate it when things get dull. We can check the news tonight." She pushed the call button on the side of the bus as they passed the last stop before her's. "The only person I care about can handle himself just fine."

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"There's definitely never a dull moment with our crew."

He's smiling a little with this. Sure, it could sometimes be a little troublesome but he couldn't imagine not being with his crew. Regardless of what kind of trouble they get into it just wouldn't be the same without them.

"Oh? A boyfriend?"

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That earned a chuckle from her, the lightrail car pulled to a stop and she stood, moving to one of the exits down onto the sidewalk. "No, a brother." She actually looked tender about that, none of the smoky panther smiles for Hayato. Her love for him was pure tainted only by the horrors she'd committed against him as a child at her father's behest. And still committed today to keep him from running away on sight.

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He followed after her as she headed out towards the sidewalk.

"I see."

Sanji smiled at that response taking in the new scene around him. He was obviously still listening to what she had to say but he was also a little curious about his surroundings as well.

"I don't really have siblings myself though I do have people I consider as close as siblings."

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"Ahh, then you understand." She replied with a nod as they began walking through the neighborhood toward her condo. "He's so independent." She sighed a little and grew quiet, letting the sound of birds in the trees take over.

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"Is that a bad thing?"

He doesn't mean to pry but he can't help but be a little curious. Something is definitely different about you when you talk about your brother.

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Bianchi smiles to herself. "It's good. But it means he doesn't need me. I'm actually surprised he concedes to spend any time at all with me." She shrugs and turns a corner. Really having him join her team for midnight games was something of a shock. A pleasant one though. "Independence is something we should all hope those we love can attain, don't you agree? I'm just up here a block."