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Application: Little Hades

💀 Player Information
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Characters In-game:

💀 Character Information Name: Bianchi aka Poison Scorpion Bianchi
Canon: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
Canon Point:
Six months after the end of the manga.
Bianchi is 5'4½" and she's built long and lean. She relies heavily on looking like a knockout to get close to the people she kills so she takes good care of herself and eats well enough to add a softness to the muscle required to do her job. Her style of killing is very close range so she clearly has hand to hand combat training which is likely what helps keep her in shape. Bianchi is Mediterranean, tan, perhaps a little lighter than other Italian women because manga but she lives in Sicily so she sees a lot of sun when she's there. She has very long very full hair, the shades vary in canon from brown to pink so I'm sticking with brown with copper highlights. She has green eyes that are generally hooded and she has a scorpion tattoo on her left bicep representing her mafia name "Poison Scorpion Bianchi" as well as a heart tattooed on her right butt cheek. Bianchi moves like a cat or a model, she stalks and she can pounce quickly. She can stand still and stare at someone until they want to sink through the floor just to get away.  The only time she doesn't come across all 'black widow' is when Reborn is involved. Then she turns into a girly pile of goo. She still slinks, but she becomes obviously shyer and less self assured thus her posture hunches in and she looks younger overall.

She is also a clotheshorse which isn't very common in Shonen stories. She easily has one of the most diverse wardrobes I've seen in a shonen anime or manga. Everything she wears appears to be designer from the gowns she wears to the jeans and tank tops and everything in between. She wears fur embellished jackets and full regalia kimono not to mention her healthy supply of costumes from "Pizza Girl" to "Giant Squirrel". Even the asinine ones would make a cosplayer or furry jealous. Bianchi is going to miss her STUFF.  Bye bye Gucci...

Physical changes:
Her physical changes will only be minor. Her nails will grow out long and pointed and her ring finger will have a scorpion sting. The angrier she gets the more pronounced they'll become.  The long fingernails are going to be a pain in the ass for someone who works with her hands and she'll probably stab herself by accident a few times.

Bianchi's main power is poison cooking much of which she appears to pull out of pocket space.  She literally has The Midas Touch only hers is a Poison Touch; instead of the gold and glory it's more of the drooling and seizures variety.  Her cooking can do anything from dissolve and corrode things and give someone indigestion to flat out mouth foaming killing.  Some of her previous cooking experiments have involved corrosive soda, a pizza gas attack, dissolving metal (metal, what metal?), immediate killing and delayed poisoned cooking as well as pizza dough tossing that does a chi-style slice.  It should also be noted that none of her poison cooking seems to affect her so she is likely immune or her body naturally neutralizes toxic substances.

In the ten years later arc, she uses dying will flames which is a category based chi-type power that most shonen anime uses in this case it is made up of a character's 'resolve'.  Bianchi uses her 'resolve' which becomes a Storm Flame with disintegration qualities to fuel Box Weapons. What is a boxed weapon you ask? Summon a flame, which is focused through the stone on a ring and insert it into a hole in a box (because that always ends well) and out erupts a weapon usually in the form of an animal.  In her case Scorpion de Tempesta: the box you really don't want to stick your hand in on Fear Factor because it's filled with fucking half-foot long scorpions.  She has enough dying will to summon up to twenty of these suckers and they are essentially mobile flame artillery.  She can direct them where to go with her will and they explode only when she chooses, the explosions are directional as well bursting like a small lump of C4 generally in the direction that their sting points.  

When we're not talking magical anime powers, she is definitely trained in hand to hand combat. Bianchi seems to know some kind of martial art which for my purposes will be tae kwon do as she does a lot of kicking.  She's been shown using both hand guns and larger military style automatic weapons (similar to a Kalashnikov) so she definitely knows her way around firearms.  She's handy with knives in the kitchen as well.  Her cooking is actually apparently very impressive when she's not poisoning it through magic or actual poisonous ingredients.  She likes to hunt her own food and seems completely unconcerned with getting lost in the forest so she can apparently forage well and she's knocked out a lion before hoping to experiment with the meat.  Bianchi grew up in a rich family so she and her brother had home tutors, she knows several languages. In canon she knows Japanese and Italian, I play her as also knowing English, Russian and Spanish as well not that it will matter when everyone speaks Hellinese.  We know she can't speak Chinese because she doesn't understand I-pin.  Bianchi has a natural charisma as well.

But here's a brief synopsis if you want to save reading time: Bianchi grew up in the Mafia which is a great indicator of why she's messed up. No one grows up in that kind of world without being a little off their rocker. She was born the only legitimate heir to a minor famiglia. She has a half brother, Hayato Gokudera, who is illegitimate but we discover later that their father loved his mother which sort of implies he probably doesn't care as deeply about Bianchi's mother. Bianchi's ability to turn anything she cooks into poison was first discovered when she baked her brother cookies for his piano recital. He played terribly due to the poisoning but everyone thought he was an avant guarde genius so every recital after that her dad asked her to keep baking the cookies and making Hayato eat them. He has since developed a psychosomatic reaction to her that makes him feel like vomiting any time he sees her face. He ran away from home eventually and she followed him later.

When she was a teenager she had a boyfriend named Romeo and there was a very contentious breakup. It is implied in canon that she killed him and if her reaction to Ten Years Later Lambo is anything to go by along with the grudge his spirit holds against her, it's likely true. Every time she sees the older Lambo she makes every effort to eliminate him mistakenly thinking he is her dead ex-boyfriend come back to life. After running away from home, Bianchi became a freelance hitman, taking jobs from anyone who would hire her and during this time she was partnered with Reborn who claims that she was his fourth lover. Take that as you will when you consider his body is that of a toddler.  We really don't have time to get into the whole baby thing. During this time he seems to have used her to try to poison Dino, his former student, during his training in much the same way he eventually talks her into sticking around to harass Tsuna, his current student. When she enters the story she's seventeen and has been a hitman for a while. She spends time training Tsuna mostly through intimidation and basically terrorizing him and takes the girls in his life under wing in order to start shaping them in how they'll deal with the mafia world.

During the Kokuyo arc she goes in with Tsuna and friends and helps in the fight against Mukuro and his minions. During the final battle Mukuro takes over both her body and her little brother's, driving them beyond what their bodies ought to take and making them fight Tsuna.  She will probably never ever trust Mukuro which is just fine since he's not trustworthy anyway.  After that arc, she takes on a mostly peripheral (nurse, babysitter, advice columnist and bodyguard etc.) role until the future arc where she comes in from a job as an intelligence operative in order to train first Gokudera and then Chrome.

Hell Status: Hell Newbie

What Brings Them To Hell: Bianchi is in hell first and foremost because she is a hired killer.  It is by no means her only sin but taking human life for money (or revenge or because you lose your damn temper) is pretty cardinal.  She has never shown any regret about her profession it's just what her life is.  She might ask forgiveness occasionally when she goes to mass but it's more because that's what you do than because she feels repentant about it.  Bianchi would be what we'd call chaotic neutral.  She is selfish, prone to jealousy and rage, sadistic and she lies, cheats and steals.  Bianchi feeds people, even those she loves, her poisoned cooking and if they try to get out of it she'll guilt them into it or force them to do it.  She also threatens children over stupid things.  Bianchi doesn't just sin, she indulges in sin with passion. 

The Pitch: We have something special for you today folks! A fresh new soul and she's a beauty! All your friends want Bianchi in this game, they'll be so jealous when you get her.  She's a classic femme fatale, just take in that look in her eyes, she's a proud one.  In prime condition with only a few dings, nothing that can't be repaired at your own risk.   Don't get too close now, she's got spirit.  Get it, spirit?  This girl can actually create poison with a touch and she is not afraid to use it!  She can be fickle if you like that in your souls, she's driven by passion and if you make her angry she'll make you regret it.  But if you make her care about you, she'll defend you to the end and here's an exciting twist, even if she likes you she's still likely to try to feed you poisoned food, she'll even say it's out of love!  It's a test you'll surely pass.  Don't expect her to do anything you want, you can demand all you like but Bianchi will do whatever she chooses and you'll LOVE IT.  You. Will. Love. It. No I'm not sweating.

She's a world class cook too!  The unique flavors will leave you breathless! You. Will. Love. It.  Seriously guys I know you want to take this soul off my hands.  Now don't forget to read the manual through if you kick her triggers she'll loose her fucking mind.  But taking care to know what those are should mostly keep you alive.  And hell, if all else fails, ask her about love.  That'll sidetrack her just maybe... put in some earplugs when you do cause that could go on a while.

If you want someone who just doesn't care about morals outside their own head, she's your lady.  Bianchi is great for infiltration, she can get in right through the front door or if you need something a little more circumspect she can do that too.  But if you want help with math don't bother it's not worth her time.   Bianchi likes to tease so be prepared for a little horrifying friendly razzing.  She can give good advice so don't be afraid to use that function from time to time.  Just remember sometimes she can be touchy, it might not have bothered her yesterday but today it's really starting to piss her off so be prepared.  If you want someone to prod your other souls into action she's a great foil and she's extroverted enough to go out and get shit done without having to wait on someone else.  All in all, this one is totally worth the high price tag. 

Personality: Bianchi is extroverted and quixotic.  She usually seems calm and collected unless you hit one of those things that just sets her off and then all bets are off, because she has a hair trigger on both guns and poison cooking and somehow they always seem to be around even when she's sunning herself in nothing more than a bikini.  Where does she even hide this shit? When she's not losing her damn mind, she can be flirty in a laid back, mature way.  It usually makes her seem much older than the 17 years with which she starts the series and even in the flashbacks as a child she comes across as one of those creepy kids who acts like an adult. 

Bianchi is generally good at assessing situations and deciding if someone needs to get their ass kicked or if she needs to find a way to get the hell out of dodge.  Unless she's mad and then whatever logic she still has flies right out the window. 

Bianchi is not particularly nice.  She teases, she torments, she fucks with people and pretends not to have a clue that she's doing anything wrong.  She dumps rocks on teenagers from several stories up, when she doesn't have the patience to coax people to do what she wants she resorts to threats even if it's kids.   Bianchi's moral code mostly focuses on ' if anyone hurts someone I love, kill them' and that's generally the extent of it.  She can be very doting though with people she loves.  She mothers the girls in the series helping them understand things and leading them to answers they'll need.  She really does care deeply for her brother a lot of the time she is adoring and affectionate with him.  I honestly believe sometimes she poisons him to just to stop him from running away.  And because he's so cute when she can help nurse him back to health.

Bianchi has a bad habit of ignoring anything she doesn't want to hear.  She just tunes it all right out and moves on as though the other person didn't mention it at all.  She can be a hypocrite and she thinks that's perfectly fine too.  The ends justify the means.  Because we don't know much about her past I don't have her particularly liking her father who will likely try to marry her off to expand the Family's power since she's his only legitimate heir.  This gives credence to her unhealthy obsession with Reborn the top mafia hitman who no one will pitch a fit at but who is also in no way a fit lover while he's got a baby's body. This also explains why she became an assassin so young.  It rounds the trifecta of unhealthy relationships with men between her father (who used his children badly), Reborn (who uses her when she's useful and mostly ignores her otherwise) and her brother (who can't stand the sight of her).  It also explains why she longs so much for an enduring, world breaking love that always seems out of reach

Setting Fit: Bianchi has a few things she can do when she gets to hell.  She'll be perfectly happy to travel topside as a reaper to hopefully catch a glimpse of her brother (until she gets in trouble for taking too long) but any death to Japan or Italy she's all over.  She'd do well in the punishment division whether it's a cooking class where the students have to eat what they make, self defense class or actual physical torture.  Bianchi wouldn't just do a half-assed job either she'd enjoy that kind of thing.  I'd like her to work up to that or the Misfortune or Corruption divisions in Brimstone.

To start out earning money while she's just a reaper she might go be a chef at Hell's Kitchen.  Seems like a great fit!  And she wouldn't take any crap from customers complaining about their food still moving or issuing forth toxic fumes.  That's part of the experience so shut up and like it. Until she has enough money to move out she'll obviously start out in the Hive. She can put up with it but she'll look for a roommate to get out of there sooner if she can. 

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