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AIM Log: Bianchi and Hayato

Who: Bianchi and Hayato
What: She wants to hear his woes
When: 4/28/09 starts close to midnight
Where: Instant Messenger

PoisonScorpion: Hayato. Will you talk to me?

bombzyou: Yeah. Fine.

PoisonScorpion: You said that something happened. You know I'm here for you, right?

bombzyou: Yeah, it's like the third time you've said that.

bombzyou: I don't know how to start

PoisonScorpion: I never know if you believe me.

PoisonScorpion: What's been bothering you the most?

bombzyou: Ipin

bombzyou: I uhh...

bombzyou: it wasn't her fault

PoisonScorpion: What are you talking about, Hayato?

PoisonScorpion: Did the kids get into your sock drawer again?

bombzyou: No! It's this power swap thing that's been happening to everyone.

PoisonScorpion: Ahh Reborn could teleport. What happened to Ipin?

bombzyou: Lambo kept bothering her so I stepped in

bombzyou: and it wasn't their usual squabbling

bombzyou: this was older Ipin and Lambo

PoisonScorpion: Older?

bombzyou: You know that big purple bazooka the stupid cow carries around with him?

PoisonScorpion: I remember some guns and grenades.

bombzyou: Hnnn

bombzyou: Does the term ten-years-bazooka sound familiar at all?!

PoisonScorpion: Ten year... mm it sounds familiar maybe Reborn mentioned it.

bombzyou: Well, the point is that they were both fifteen and Lambo was bothering her, and.. I dunno... trying to get into her pants. So I stood up for her, y'know.

bombzyou: God I hate him.

PoisonScorpion: Wait... there really is a fifteen year old Lambo?

PoisonScorpion: Does he look like Romeo, Hayato?

bombzyou: Yeah

PoisonScorpion: ... I see.

PoisonScorpion: So Ro... I mean Lambo was trying to seduce Ipin?

PoisonScorpion: And you went to intervene.

bombzyou: yeah, I just knew she was pushing him away, and she asked for my help. The Tenth hasn't been around. I knew he would have stepped in, so I did instead.

PoisonScorpion: She asked for help. He didn't come off as that aggressive to me. Interesting. I'm a little proud of you, Hayato, for coming to her rescue.

bombzyou: It was the least I could do. She's been really nice to me.

PoisonScorpion: Ipin always was a sweet little girl. I'm glad to hear you're friends. Although disappointed you called her annoying earlier. I'm ready to hear the rest of your story.

bombzyou: Lambo wasn't necessarily aggressive. He wasn't himself and he kind of... advanced on me next...

bombzyou: I was going to tie him up so he'd quit harassing her

PoisonScorpion: he advanced on you but wasn't aggressive?

bombzyou: Well... I suppose he and Ipin were together anyways, but well

bombzyou: I dunno, it's really embarrassing

PoisonScorpion: You said they were together, she was trying to push him away. Did I miss a step here somewhere?

bombzyou: I'm not 100% sure of their relationship, but no means no, right?

bombzyou: regardless of how close they could have been...

PoisonScorpion: That's right. If a woman does not want to do something a gentleman should respect her wishes.

bombzyou: Lambo was anything but respectful

bombzyou: That bastard tied me to a chair and duct taped my mouth shut!

PoisonScorpion: ...well. That's actually a little impressive.

PoisonScorpion: It sounds like you need more training. Tell me he didn't finish what he started.

bombzyou: Maybe I need more training with close combat. I'm not very good with rope.

bombzyou: Ipin walked in when he was taking off my pants, so he got distracted.

bombzyou: But that completely defeated the purpose of me stepping in in the first place!

bombzyou: Except I don't remember her walking in...

PoisonScorpion: It sounds like you were a little occupied with the rescue mission to take in the details.

bombzyou: I was REALLY pissed at him

bombzyou: especially since he wanted to get into my pants

PoisonScorpion: Wait a moment. I think I need to go back... yes to that. Lambo is bisexual?

bombzyou: Like I said earlier, he wasn't himself.

PoisonScorpion: oh yes a power. What an interesting ... power?

PoisonScorpion: OK I'm going to go with this, you may continue

bombzyou: yeah well, I was blindfolded, so I don't know exactly what happened.

bombzyou: But I knew Lambo was back to normal, and that Ipin had his... power

bombzyou: and I just wanted to get out of there at that point

bombzyou: and/or punch Lambo in the face for being such a dick

PoisonScorpion: Ipin...

PoisonScorpion: Are you saying Ipin began seducing Lambo?

bombzyou: Yeah.

PoisonScorpion: That had to be something to see...

bombzyou: sure, but I was blindfolded

PoisonScorpion: OH yes, the bondage.

PoisonScorpion: Hayato?

bombzyou: what?

PoisonScorpion: You were discussing Ipin seducing Lambo. Is that what upset you?

bombzyou: Well, more or less that she offered herself to him, after I went through all that crap to protect her.

bombzyou: And you want to know the part that really bugs me?

PoisonScorpion: You said she'd been under the influence of this ... thing right? But I can understand your frustration. You definitely put yourself out there for her. It was brave of you.

PoisonScorpion: what is it that's bothering you the most?

bombzyou: They didn't even do anything after I left, which means that I got offended and mad at her for nothing. And now I don't know what to say or if I should apologize

PoisonScorpion: Were... did they both get rid of this thing that made them so sexually aggressive?

bombzyou: they have now from what I can tell

bombzyou: Apparently, Ipin was too uncomfortable. I probably ruined the mood...

PoisonScorpion: Too uncomfortable? This thing sounds a little less shy than that.

PoisonScorpion: So you're feeling guilty?

bombzyou: well, yeah. I feel like an idiot.

PoisonScorpion: Why do you feel like an idiot?

bombzyou: Because I went out of my way to do something, and it didn't even happen. I overreacted and then did something extra stupid because of that.

bombzyou: She already apologized, but that was when I still thought they'd gone all the way...

PoisonScorpion: Hayato, you don't need to feel stupid. You cared about her well being. You were concerned about both of them under this ... whatever this thing was. And you tried to stop it. It sounds to me like you succeeded in some way although I'm not clear on how.

PoisonScorpion: It's understandable to feel hurt when your care seems to be thrown aside.

PoisonScorpion: Perhaps you just need to talk to her again. Apologize and let her apologize.

bombzyou: Yeah, but I don't need to apologize!

PoisonScorpion: I thought you felt bad for ignoring her apology.

bombzyou: oh that. Yeah well...

PoisonScorpion: Regardless, you should talk with her. She's a smart girl. She always seemed to look up to you.

bombzyou: I don't want to talk to her

PoisonScorpion: Why is that?

bombzyou: I wish we could just act like it never fucking happened..

PoisonScorpion: You're such a man sometimes, Hayato.

bombzyou: What do you mean by that?!

PoisonScorpion: Trying to ignore feelings instead of understand them.

PoisonScorpion: Women are emotional creatures.

bombzyou: Tell me about it.

bombzyou: but don't

bombzyou: I know what you mean

PoisonScorpion: I understand.

PoisonScorpion: If you don't want to talk to her it may never resolve itself. If you can live with that, then I imagine you have your answer.

bombzyou: Can't I just give her a pat on the back or something and we can go on with our lives?

PoisonScorpion: I admit I don't know this older Ipin. I can't tell you for certain what will be enough for her to be friends with you again. You can try.

PoisonScorpion: I'd like to meet her. I've already met the older Lambo. A fool who couldn't do something simple enough to prove his identity to me.

bombzyou: Yeah Lambo's an idiot.

bombzyou: Ipin's nice. She listens, and it's hard to find people like that.

bombzyou: and she makes the best ramen

PoisonScorpion: I'm glad you've found someone you trust to confide in, Hayato.

PoisonScorpion: That isn't that woman.

bombzyou: Fujiko and I agree on a lot, but I dunno... she looks too deeply into things sometimes, I think

PoisonScorpion: That woman can not shut up.

PoisonScorpion: I'm sorry this was for you.

bombzyou: You learn to skim it for the important things

PoisonScorpion: She says important things? I've found it's more pleasant to ignore her.

bombzyou: except Italy and Lambo

PoisonScorpion: Italy and Lambo?

bombzyou: nothing they say ever really matters

bombzyou: hot air and noodles.

PoisonScorpion: Hayato, you sound clever.

PoisonScorpion: Was there anything else bothering you?

bombzyou: Something Reborn said, but I'm sure he has a good reason

PoisonScorpion: Something Reborn said. Can you tell me?

bombzyou: He told me he'd tell me where the Tenth was, but now he won't

bombzyou: He wouldn't go back on his word, would he?

PoisonScorpion: Reborn has never gone back on his word with me. Perhaps he means to show you?

bombzyou: I'm sure he has a good reason why he's keeping it a secret from me, but it's not like I'd do anything.

PoisonScorpion: Perhaps he's waiting for an opportune moment?

bombzyou: I'm sure he has his reasons. He's never given me one to doubt him before.

bombzyou: but I still miss the Tenth

PoisonScorpion: Hayato.

PoisonScorpion: Your devotion is touching.

bombzyou: What kind of right hand man has no idea where his boss is?

PoisonScorpion: Hayato, I'm sure he has his reasons.

bombzyou: I suppose I'll just have to do my best and make sure people don't kill each other on his ship during his absence

PoisonScorpion: Consider it your job to do what you think he'd want you to do in his absence. Any good Right Hand would take the reigns so that the Boss knew he had nothing to worry about in his absence.

PoisonScorpion: It can be your challenge to prove yourself.

bombzyou: Alright. Then I guess my next step is to talk to Ipin.

PoisonScorpion: That sounds like a gentleman's decision, Hayato.

bombzyou: It's what the Tenth would do.

PoisonScorpion: It warms my heart to see you growing up.

bombzyou: Are we done?

PoisonScorpion: Yes. Thank you for talking to me Hayato.

bombzyou: Thanks for understanding.

bombzyou: oh!

bombzyou: Before you go

PoisonScorpion: Yes?

bombzyou: Please don't kill Nanami, she's helping me look for the Tenth. I need her alive.

PoisonScorpion: ... Nanami. This is the blond who's set her sights on Reborn.

PoisonScorpion: Can you keep her away from Reborn?

bombzyou: I'll do my best. And besides, you know Reborn can handle himself. I don't think he'd be interested in her.

bombzyou: You're more than enough for him, I think.

PoisonScorpion: ... Sometimes I like to believe that.

PoisonScorpion: I have to go. But any time you'd like to talk. I'll keep this up as often as I can. Please feel free.

bombzyou: Alright.

PoisonScorpion: Goodnight.

bombzyou: Goodnight, Sis.

bombzyou signed off at 12:19:45 AM.

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