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Log: Spanner and Bianchi

Bianchi carried a tray balanced expertly on one hand with an entire meal laid out including a milkshake since she'd heard Spanner had a sweet tooth. Ever thoughtful. Her tray radiated a menacing smell that drifted up and tickled the nose, made the mouth water but seemed off just that little bit. The food itsself was a disturbing atomic purple and some of it wiggled. Although in the upper left quadrant there appeared to be a perfectly healthy bit of mashed potatoes with a nice slab of butter on top. She lifted her free hand and knocked on Spanners door before reaching down to twist the doorknob.

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Spanner looked up from the book he was reading. After hearing stories about Bianchi's poison cooking from the others, the mechanic was rather dreading this. His stomach, however, decided the usual lollipops weren't enough to hold him over.

"Come in," he said, putting book down on the desk.

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Bianchi shut the door with her hip and slid the tray onto the desk, pushing some of his things aside in the process. "Thank you, Spanner." She responded making sure the tray was balanced before looking up at the man through her eyelashes. She straightened and set a hand on her hip, glancing around for a place to sit.

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Spanner pulled up an extra chair. "Have a seat." He swore he saw the food move a bit. Well, there was no escaping now. "I should thank you for bringing over the food. You really didn't have to."

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Bianchi sat and crossed one leg over the other, leaning forward to rest her chin on her hand. Her smile was calm and intent. "It really was no problem, I love to cook. Have since I was small." Her hair fell forward off her shoulder and she watched him thoughtfully. "So this is Reborn's current genius mechanic."

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Spanner nervously laughed. "A genius? Nah, I just have a knack for these things. Loved working with robots myself as a kid." He had several books on ship parts and his laptop had a website open about ship cannons. "Though I never thought I'd actually work on building and taking care of a ship like this."

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Bianchi glanced at his supplies, one finger reaching out to turn a book toward herself slightly, eyes scanning the page before glancing back at the man. "And you seem to be enjoying yourself." He fingers reached out to push some of his bangs back to see his eyes. "You look tired."

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The mechanic could only blink in surprise. Yes, it's true, ever since he arrived here, it's been one good experience after the other. "I do? Well, I have been working on those cannon for some time now. I kind of lose track when I'm really engrossed in a new project."

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Bianchi's hand slid back down his cheek for a moment before falling back into her lap. "You love your work. Only people who truly love their work can do that." She smiled a little, knowingly. "Please." She gestured to the food. "You've earned it." And then perhaps he could get some needed sleep.

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"Thank you. I can take the plates back when I'm done. You must be tired yourself." He gulped when he looked at the food again. At least the mashed potatoes looked safe.

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"Do you not want my company while you eat?" She managed to look hurt although it was pretty much just for show.

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"N-no, it's not anything like that!" Spanner put his hands up in defense. "Y-you're more than welcome to stay if you like." There went his last chance to save himself. He picked up the spoon, scooped up a bit of the mashed potates and brought it to his mouth. 'This is pretty good,' he thought to himself. So far, so good.

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Her lip quirked in amusement and she watched him eat the potatoes first. "Thank you, I think I will." She wasn't going to let him get off that easily. Her eyes drifted around the room for a moment. It was in disarray but nothing terrible. "How old are you, Spanner?"

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"Twenty-four," he said. "Why do you ask?" He then switch the potatoes for what Spanner believed was the salad. If it weren't for the fact everything was a toxic purple in color, had some bits that moved, and he could possibly die from eating everything, the mechanic thought he hadn't had a meal like this in a while. He even took a sip of the strawberry milkshake she made him.

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She looked a little surprised. "You look younger." She observed. "I was only curious." She looked pleased with him eating her food, eyes following the movements of his fork occasionally or just settling for looking into his eyes. She was the type of person who could stare at people until they felt uncomfortable and never bat an eye.

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So long as Spanner chanted his 'just imagine this is actual food' mantra, he continued to eat. Normally, he could work just fine even if someone kept staring at him, but there was something about Bianchi staring at him that made him uncomfortable. "It's very delicious," he said.

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She perked up a little at the compliment. "Why thank you. I was beginning to think no one on board appreciated the time and love I put into all my cooking." She sat back and continued to watch him, "Is everything finished being installed?"

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"I just finished installing the cannons today. I should be able to perform a demonstration tomorrow," he said with a nod. Though, knowing his luck, he'll be out of commission for maybe a day or so after this. He took a bite of the steak and drank more of the milkshake. 'What a fancy dinner. I suppose I could call this my last supper,' he mused to himself.

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Bianchi thought perhaps he would be getting some much needed sleep before any canons were tested. "I see, I look forward to seeing this."

The steak should really do him in. This was her old fashioned poison cooking version 1. She was prepared to catch him when he fell.

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"It should go well I--" The poison finally got to Spanner. He clutched his stomach, and fell over to his right. The poor mechanic was so overwhelmed by poison, he was instantly knocked out.

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As Spanner collapsed she leaned forward and caught him, adjusting to slide her arms under his and drag him over to his bed. It took an unceremonious heave to get him on and then she cleared all his working junk off, kneeling down to take off his shoes and then push his feet up under the covers. She pulled the covers up to his chin and paused for a moment, glancing down at her handiwork before smiling to herself and humming. She turned, caught sight of a nightcap and lifted it up before sliding it on his head. Then she turned to lift up the tray, glancing back at him once more before heading toward the door.