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deadlydelicacy: (She's so elegant)

If I gotta sin to see her again

I'm gonna lie and lie and lie

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Birthdate:Nov 8
Location:Palermo, Sicily, Italy

Canon Profile


☠ Poison Scorpion Bianchi ☠

For a more in depth character study see this entry.

Bianchi is Hayato's half-sister; they share the same father (a don of a minor famiglia). She visits Japan to see Hayato but lives in Italy. She has very Mediterranean features. She speaks Italian, Japanese and English fluently. Bianchi, known as "Poison Scorpion Bianchi" in the Mafia underground, specializes in assassination, her specialty is poison cooking. Since she, herself, is immune to her own cooking, she acts like she does not see anything wrong with the food she gives others. In reality she's fully aware of the effects of her cooking on others. She uses it as a weapon, after all. She learned as a child, poisoning Hayato with cookies for his piano performance. She also uses her cooking as a test to see how deep people's feelings are. Gokudera has been conditioned by the poison cooking to the point where he gets sick if he sees Bianchi's face. This causes her some heartache as she strives to make sure her brother is doing well in his new life. She can be rather mothering to the people she grows attached to. Although she always appears aloof and amused. Bianchi seems much older than she is. It could have something to do with growing up as an assassin, and around all the men in the mafia. She's always had cat-like qualities. Aloofness, selfishness, fickleness. Bianchi can find something that fascinates her one minute and ignore it completely the next. She's a good judge of people. Although she seems insistent on ignoring Reborn's indifference to her.

Bianchi is in love with Reborn, who was a former associate of hers, and wants to kill Tsuna to free up Reborn's schedule, though refuses to kill him for the benefit of others. Bianchi always states that "Love" is the strongest force of all.

She is the type to indulge though while the indulging is good. Whatever that indulgence might be.

Bianchi also has an old lover name Romeo who looks almost identical to Lambo at 15. It seems they had a bit of a rough spot toward the end and he died ... mysteriously. Due to this every time Bianchi sees Lambo she is filled with rage and attempts to kill fifteen year old Lambo on sight with her poison cooking.

Age: 19
Eye Color: Green
Hair: Brunette that appears almost purple in the anime. For consistency sake I'll say Brunette with copper highlights.
Height: 5'4½" (164cm)
Dying Will Flame type: Storm
Main Box Weapon:Scorpion de Tempesta
Noticeable feature: Scorpion tattoo on her left bicep, heart tattoo on her right butt cheek

Examples: Poison Cooking

Corrosive soda

Poisonous Smoke Pizza

Poison cooking II

Dissolvant Sakura Mochi

Time Release Poison Cooking

Poison touch


Technically in canon Bianchi is anywhere between 17 and 27 depending on the chapter. She's eighteen or ninteen in the most recent chapters.
Bianchi on the Reborn Wiki.

For the purposes of RP I am giving her a last name of Scaduto, after Giuseppe Scaduto, Capo mandamento of the Bagheria/Villabate mandamento in Palermo.

All icons by me unless otherwise credited.

Lyrics for her titles are from REV 22:20 by Puscifer featuring Maynard James Keenan, Danny Lohner

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