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Bianchi sat on one of the pilings at the private pier out of Melano, the sea breeze cool enough to make the day bearable as it whipped her hair out to the side. Apparently this Sanji character was a sailor. He wouldn't be able to bring a fully rigged ship into this port, that would have had to be in Varuna but a skiff would be fine. She hadn't actually expected a sailor to be punctual so she had a book on her lap and she would pick it up occasionally to read when she wasn't enjoying the play of the birds over the water or the people setting out and coming in past the jetty. She was looking forward to this afternoon. Rarely did someone come from so far just to taste her cooking. Not when they knew who she was anyway. And he'd been so enthusiastic, far be it for her to dissuade him.
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Who: Reborn and Bianchi
What: Their first real mission together
When: Two years before the start of the game. ☆BACKLOG☆
Where: A place a lot like New York

It was a dark and stormy night )
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Bianchi carried a tray balanced expertly on one hand with an entire meal laid out including a milkshake since she'd heard Spanner had a sweet tooth. Ever thoughtful. Her tray radiated a menacing smell that drifted up and tickled the nose, made the mouth water but seemed off just that little bit. The food itsself was a disturbing atomic purple and some of it wiggled. Although in the upper left quadrant there appeared to be a perfectly healthy bit of mashed potatoes with a nice slab of butter on top. She lifted her free hand and knocked on Spanners door before reaching down to twist the doorknob.
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Who: Bianchi and Hayato
What: She wants to hear his woes
When: 4/28/09 starts close to midnight
Where: Instant Messenger

You don't have to see my face here )
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Who: Bianchi and Brooke
What: Learning to call Sea Kings
Where: Thousand Sunny (practice room?)
When: Friday 4/24/09 ish?

Bianchi had been spending the week working on the song that Brooke had taught her so far. She'd wanted to learn it all in one go but that had proven a little ambitious. Her voice could only take so many hours a day of abuse and then she had to rest and recuperate. Slowly she was conditioning it to handle the odd sounds the song required. Luckily Bianchi never seemed to mind looking (or in this case sounding) bizarre. Or she'd have stopped that first day. She did not mind going to great lengths to get what she wanted. And she often did just that. So now she found herself walking into the room she'd been using for practice, looking around for her Skeleton tutor and already starting to warm up with familiar scales.
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