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This will be a list of all poisons and drugs Bianchi uses. Or the poisons her touch mimics.

Pick your Poison )

Other possible side effect that are just Hell messing with her poisons:

  1. Excessive friendliness You want to help people, you want to hug people, you want to be their bestest best friend and never be a step away from them. If they reject you, either cry or stalk them.

  2. Regret Every failure you've ever had appears on your body as words like a tattoo. And sometimes start announcing themselves out loud if you try to cover them.

  3. Eeyore You completely let go of all hope. A little gray storm cloud follows you around and might sometimes hit you with a little burst of lighting. It's ok. It'll probably happen again.

  4. One hour love potion You fall in love with the first moving thing you see and are utterly besotted for an hour.

  5. One hour love potion number 9 Everyone else falls in love with you. They're all besotted. You might need a stick.

  6. Disney Princess All the wildlife is your best friend. They want to help you with things. And sing to you.

  7. Opposite Day For a day you can only say the opposite of what you want to say.


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